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Past Life Therapy



Past Life Regression can change your life. It can help you to realise your self-worth and empower you by understanding yourself and others. It can release blocks and patterns of behaviour which may be stopping you from moving forward and leading a happy and fulfilling life. Past Life Regression may help you to embrace talents which you have previously had.
Regression works by accessing your subconscious (higher self) which records your past life and soul memories. It knows everything you have ever experienced in the many lives you have lead as well as your between life stages. Now all that information can be available for you to see. This is achieved by relaxing into a mediative state where the mind can slow down from our day to day thinking. This allows you to remember, see, feel and learn from your past lives.

During regression, you may find yourself in your current life or travel back to a past life or even find your self between lives. Usually you will move to more than one life. You will be guided to view significant events in these lives and/or will gather information to facilitate a healing for you. 

It is quite possible that during the session you may have a spiritual experience.  Sometimes this means a guide or passed over loved one comes and talks to you. This cannot be guaranteed, but we certainly can ask for this to happen. Your higher self (subconscious) knows what you will benefit from seeing or hearing or learning, so we trust in what you are shown or given.

It is ideal to come with an open mind and no expectations. There is nothing to worry about.   You will always be safe. Whatever your lives may have been, there will have residual memories affecting your current life. There is no telling which period in time you will go to, conditions of your life, or whether you will be male or female. By viewing significant events and making the connection to behaviours and emotions which affect you now, you will understand your life today allowing you to let go, release blocks or embrace talents and move forward.

Results can be achieved for many issues including:
- love and relationships - anxiety and depression - phobias and fears - guilt and shame - recurring dreams
- eating disorders - self-esteem and confidence - unexplained pain and health issues - assertiveness


Jane has been trained in Past Life Regression at the Toni Reilly Institute, Australias premier training centre for Modern Spiritual Development.

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